Children of Las Brisas

Las BrisasSet in the sprawling suburbs of Valencia (Venezuela), The Children Of Las Brisas is a poetic and observational documentary capturing the struggle and transformation of a group of young musicians striving for a better life through classical music. This 1 x 90″/60″ film narrated by the children and their families and filmed over the course of five years, is an intimate portrait of the dedication, the risks and pitfalls of following a dream whilst being in the clutches of poverty.

In the late 70’s a small but influential group of musical thinkers started a programe that would become the international phenomenon known as El Sistema (The System).  The programe consists of rigorous musical training and gives children with no opportunities the chance to become musicians.

Venezuela has one of the highest inflation rates in the world. There is political turmoil and corruption in all sectors. The country is almost bankrupt and there is a chronic shortage of all goods, including food and medicine. As the children and parents place all their hopes on El Sistema as a way out of poverty, the music has transformative effects, not only on the children and their parents, but on the entire community.

This documentary follows the children’s journey from crude beginners to exceptional musicians. It is a story of big dreams and small hopes. The film is produced in partnership with Invento Films (Venezuela).

Director: Marianela Maldonado
Producers: Luisa De La Ville and Andy Glynne




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