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Hackney Life

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22nd April

Hackney Life is a crowdsourced documentary, made from video contributions from all across the borough as part of Hackney Museum’s Mapping The Change project. The project explored the changes happening to the area in the lead up to the Summer 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and was supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Narrated by young Hackney resident Jerelle Okoro, the film explores the varying perceptions of the area and its rich history.

Mosaic Films launched an open call for submissions in early 2012, based on a brief drawn up in consultation with Hackney people. The film premiered at the main exhibition for Mapping The Change at Hackney Museum in May 2012.

Producer/ Director: Kerry McLeod

Dekay’s Guide to Estates

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22nd April

In Dekay’s Guide to Estates, a young rapper with a passion for social architecture documents life for the residents of one of London’s inner city council estates via song. A unique musical documentary set within Maiden Lane estate, Camden, as part of Current TV’s Open Season.

As the voice of the estate, Dekay guides us around Maiden Lane, with each song introducing us to a new aspect of daily life for its Camden residents. Her songs weave together a series of vignettes in which each person has their own unique story to tell. The film addresses themes from isolation and neglect to community and regeneration, looking at the real consequences of the estate’s architectural design for the people who live there. This is an authentic glimpse into the culture of life on inner city estates, told through the eyes of the people … Read More »

Siemens – Leon’s London

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22nd April

Mosaic Films worked with Siemens to create a short film based on the reflections of the driver of one of London’s hybrid buses.

This film follows driver Leon Warner as we journey with him on a hybrid bus. For Leon, driving a bus through London is more than just carrying passengers from A to B: it’s rediscovering city and people, every day. This short film invites you to see London through the unique perspective of a bus-driver, and see London how he sees it.

To watch the film, visit the Siemens Global Website

Director: Anton Califano

London Recut

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22nd April

Mosaic Films partnered with Film London, the BFI, and London’s Screen Archives network to create an innovative online film initiative and competition. London Recut challenged London’s citizens to explore over three hours of moving image archive material of the city, some of which has been made available for the first time, and use it to create their own films via an easy-to-use online editing tool. The competition was open to everyone, whether a budding filmmaker, a keen historian, or just someone who wanted to have a go.

45 films were submitted to the competition and put to the public vote. A special jury of Londoners then chose the four winners from a shortlist of the 16 most popular entries.

London: A Guide for the Anxious by Nicola Jaberi
A timely … Read More »

Reel London 2006

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21st April

Reel London was an initiative for emerging documentary filmmakers, produced by DFG Films in partnership with Film London and ITV London. It offered filmmakers an opportunity to produce diverse and distinctive films using the documentary medium in new and innovative ways, and have them broadcast on terrestrial television, in a pre-watershed slot. The series was distinguished by strong story lines and thought provoking ideas, with richness and diversity in both content and portrayal that make absorbing half-hour documentaries. The documentaries were transmitted on ITV London in September 2006.

Series Producer: Andy Glynne

Holloway Hairdo

The largest women’s prison in Britain has a little oasis: its own beauty salon. The ladies of Holloway Prison come to Brenda’s salon to have their hair and nails done, and catch up on the gossip. Some are learning a trade so they won’t re-offend; others come for … Read More »

Reel London 2005

21st April

Reel London was a new initiative for emerging documentary filmmakers, which highlighted the richness and diversity of voices present in London, whilst training and nurturing new talent through the production process. The concept is a partnership between DFG Films (which has since merged with Mosaic Films), Film London and ITV London. Each half-hour documentary was screened on prime-time television on ITV London.

ITV, 2005

Series Producer: Andy Glynne


Strictly Mitcham

Glamour is not the first thing that springs to mind, when most people think of Mitcham. However, in the heart of the London suburb, there is a colourful multi-million pound industry which has made Mitcham a familiar name across the globe: ballroom and latin dance dress-making!

Director: Ian Lynch

Grand Prix Priest 

The Grand Prix Priest is an intimate portrait of Father Neil Horan, the controversial Irish priest who ran across the racetrack at the 2003 … Read More »

The Tube Series III

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21st April

This is the third, hugely successful documentary series about the London Underground network. It includes the two part mini series “The Tube – Under Attack”, which charts the devastating July 7th attacks on the London Underground and the events which followed.

ITV London and Sky Travel, 2005

Series Producer: Colin Luke
Directors: Tom Sheahan & Amir Jamal

Awards: ITV Silver Award for Documentary of the Year 2005


Under Attack 1
Under Attack 2
Special Operation
Losing It
Tickets Please
Off the Rails
The Train Set
Moving On (Old & New)

The Tube Series II

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21st April

The second, award-winning series of The Tube follows London Underground drivers, station staff, and managers through the Underground system, revealing it to the public through their eyes.

ITV London, 2004

Executive Producer: Colin Luke
Series Producer: Lucy Willis
Director: Will Grove-White and Daniel Waring


Winner, RTS London Award for ‘Best Independent Producer’

Underground Crime

Mind the Gap
Jackie starts her new job as a station assistant at King’s Cross St Pancras Underground station. Meanwhile engineers are called out to work on a live track in a Central Line tunnel.

Under Pressure
A Circle Line driver has to cope with an attempted suicide.

The Ups and Downs
Will the east side of underground station Canary Wharf be ready in time for Ken Livingstone’s scheduled appointment to officially open it?

Open All Hours
Two weeks after the terrorist attack in Madrid, an unattended bag causes a station evacuation on the Piccadilly line.

All Change
Trainee driver Terence … Read More »

The Thames Through Time

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21st April

For over 2,000 years, the Thames has dominated the lives of Londoners. This 6-part series brings the history of the river alive with stories which link the past with the present and shows how the capital’s river has shaped the lives of ordinary working people since Roman times.

Carlton, 2004

Series Producer: Peter Firstbrook
Director: Daniel Waring & Paul Henley


Workhorse of the Estuary
The crew of the Adieu are battling for line honours at this year’s Southend Sailing Barge match. Once thousands of these barges plied the Thames estuary, laden with cargo. Today, only 30 of these elegant sailing crafts survive, mainly as charter boats. As the race unfolds, enthusiasts and retired barge skippers alike tell the remarkable story of how, for more than a hundred years, the Thames sailing barge has kept London supplied with the essentials of life.

Boom and Bust in … Read More »

The Tube: Series I

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21st April

A documentary series about the London Underground network, The Tube follows its drivers, station staff, and managers about their work, showing the Underground system to the public through their eyes.

Carlton, 2003

Executive Producer: Colin Luke
Series Producer: Lucy Willis
Director: Will Grove-White and Joyce Trozzo


Winner, RTS London Award for ‘Spirit of London’
Winner, RTS London Award for ‘Best Independent Producer’


The strikes and tensions of summer 2002.

24 Hours
London Bridge Station supervisor Brian Valentine has to work through the night while a team of engineers carry out essential maintenance work on the track, whilst computer technician Geoff Marshall sets off on his mission to break the world record for the fastest time to travel the entire underground network.

One Under
Train driver Karen Jordan returns to work following a three month break owing to trauma suffered when a man threw himself under her train. Meanwhile a suicide … Read More »

Hackney Life

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25th January

What does Hackney Life mean to you?

Show the world what the real Hackney is like

Deadline extended: Submit by midnight on Friday 30th March 2012

People of Hackney!

What does Hackney mean to you?
What do you want the rest of the world to know about Hackney?
What’s your favourite place or person in Hackney and why?
What do you think is the biggest challenge facing Hackney today?

We want you to record your view of the area and upload it via YouTube for the chance to be part of a film that will be screened in summer 2012.

This film is all about exploring what’s unique about life in Hackney today, and the only people who can really do that is you, the Hackney community.

Film your contribution and upload it to YouTube by midnight on 30th March 2012 for the chance to be included.

Plus:Read More »

What does Hackney Life Mean to You?

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1st December

Help us show the real Hackney in film

Mosaic Films is working with Hackney Museum to create a user-generated short documentary from material uploaded to YouTube by members of the Hackney community.

The film will explore the unique nature of life in Hackney today and the momentous change the borough is experiencing in the lead up to the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

We want you, the Hackney community, to help us create an authentic portrait of life in Hackney by telling us what you want the film to explore. What are the big talking points, the unseen or under-celebrated parts of life in Hackney today?

Your answers to these questions will shape the brief that we will release in January 2012, inviting video submissions from across the borough.

We are holding two open sessions, one for young people (under 21) on Thursday 1st … Read More »

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