Return to Wonderland


Back in 1995 a team of Russian filmmakers armed with camcorders followed the lives of their fellow citizens for a BBC series called “Russian Wonderland”. Since then the country has fought a war in Chechnya and seen the economy go from boom to bust. Our filmmakers revisit some of the characters to see how they are coping now. They also bring us some new stories about everyday life in the largest country in the world; a country the Russians ironically and affectionately call “Wonderland”. The series really is exceptional in that it shows an intimacy with the various subjects that can only be achieved with our special technique of using native award winning talent. It reflects a country in chaos shown through the lives of ordinary people.

BBC 2, 1999

Producer: Helen Molchanoff
Director: Amanda Feldon


“You may recall the series, five years ago, called Russian Wonderland, which gave Westerners an unprecedented look at the lives of ordinary Russians (who, ironically, refer to their country as Wonderland). This three-part sequel, shown over three nights, is simply wonderful (no irony intended).”
– Critics Choice, The Times

“Picking up on a memorable series of films about Russian life, this vivid three-parter again draws on the work of local film-makers….”
– Watch This, The Guardian

“A startling view of Russia in transition”
– Financial Times

“Shedding light on a nation in post communist turmoil – and on the human condition itself – this is enthralling and disturbing in equal measures”
– Time Out

“a rich, emotional tapestry presenting a view of Russia the West rarely sees”
– Radio Times

“gut-wrenching stuff”
– Choice, Hot Tickets

“Russian life is documented with elegance, wit and charm in a series of miniature real-life dramas”
– Night and Day, The Mail

“remarkable candid close-ups of life in a troubled and troubling land”
– Patrick Stoddart, The Express

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