Reel London 2006

Reel London - Mosaic Films (Large)

Reel London was an initiative for emerging documentary filmmakers, produced by DFG Films in partnership with Film London and ITV London. It offered filmmakers an opportunity to produce diverse and distinctive films using the documentary medium in new and innovative ways, and have them broadcast on terrestrial television, in a pre-watershed slot. The series was distinguished by strong story lines and thought provoking ideas, with richness and diversity in both content and portrayal that make absorbing half-hour documentaries. The documentaries were transmitted on ITV London in September 2006.

Series Producer: Andy Glynne

Holloway Hairdo

The largest women’s prison in Britain has a little oasis: its own beauty salon. The ladies of Holloway Prison come to Brenda’s salon to have their hair and nails done, and catch up on the gossip. Some are learning a trade so they won’t re-offend; others come for Brenda’s kindly advice. Brenda enjoys the work, despite all the nail polish that goes missing. A charming glimpse of a very different side of prison life.

Nomination, RTS Nations & Regions Programme

Director: Kate Taunton

The Man with the Extended Mind

A study of Rupert Sheldrake, which brings his amazing ideas and scientific theories to life through dramatic reconstructions and experiments. As an academic and Scientist Rupert is highly respected. However his interest in telepathy, dowsing, serendipity and instinct has led him to be regarded by some with great skepticism. ‘The Man with the Extended Mind’ is a mixed media film, galvanized by the filmmakers artist expression.

Director: Jes Benstock

Song For London

Is music a universal language? Director Ben Roy scours London to prove so. His quest: to find at least one person from every country in the world to sing for him a song from their homeland. Allowing himself just one week for this pursuit, Roy visits a variety of public venues– from a children’s school on Holloway to a Toni & Guy hair salon, outside embassies and inside mini-cabs– in hopes that even some reserved Londoners may dare to share a tune.

Director: Ben Roy

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