Princess Diana: The Princess’s People


A challenging and refreshing observation of a nation’s reaction to the dramatic death of Princess Diana, and the weekend of her funeral. The film tells the story from the point of view of the people; those who were there and those who watched it on television, those who cared and those who couldn’t care less. At times hilarious, often chilling, thought-provoking and unsentimental, it is an antidote to the media’s obsession with Diana. The film acquired huge national and international pre-publicity and did much to puncture the myth of a nation united by grief.

 BBC 2, 1998

Producer: Adam Alexander
Director: Colin Luke

Awards: Nomination, Best New Programme BROADCAST Awards


“If you believe the red top tabloids this documentary pisses all over our feelings for Diana. In fact it does exactly the opposite: it allows people to express how they felt this time last year, regardless of whether their views accord with the dominant dogma or not” – Time Out

“The most important documentary of the week…. it sneered, it cut, cropped and counterpoised but it did not lie” – New Statesman

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