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Pakistan-Daily (Large)

A series of ten documentaries which goes deep inside post September 11th Pakistan, revealing what many regarded as a new beginning for the country.

A Mosaic Films Production in association with Films of Record

BBC4, 2002

This series explores life inside Pakistan’s newspapers, following five individual cases that traverse the ever-changing landscape of post 9/11 Pakistan, and revealing what many regarded as a new beginning for the country.

Executive Producer: Roger Graef and Colin Luke
Producer: Melanie Anstey and Adam Alexander
Director: Ruhi Hamid

Amber and the Hijabis
Pakistan Daily follows Amber Shamsi, who works for The Herald, the colour monthly magazine of a leading English-language newspaper in Pakistan. She is investigating a new cultural phenomenon. Well off middle-class housewives, used to dressing in a more western style, are adopting the practice of wearing the hijab, the Muslim head-dress, traditionally worn by the poor and ill educated. Why are they hiding themselves?

Fighting the Fundamentalists
Pakistan Daily goes to Peshawar to interview Sami-ul-Haq, one of the mullahs currently under house arrest for preaching in support of the Talibanisation of Pakistan. We visit the religious schools and theological seminaries. Are they encouraging fundamentalists or do they sympathise with the latest Government crackdown?

Maverick Columnist
Pakistan Daily follows Ardeshir Cowasjee, who comes from a family of shipping tycoons but is best known in Pakistan for being a maverick columnist. He is not afraid to speak his mind in a country where press freedom is limited. Politicians and mullahs alike fear the lash of his tongue. Four armed men guard the door to his home – being outspoken in Pakistan can carry a death sentence…

Earning a Rupee
Pakistan Daily follows the urbane and free wheeling publisher and newspaper editor Najam Sethi, as he attempts to set up what he calls a new daily newspaper for a new Pakistan. His task is contrasted to Pakistanis at all ends of the scale from textile workers made redundant due to the economic downturn after September 11th and a factory owner who is forced into downsizing his business despite the optimism expressed by his wealthy peers.

Party Politics
Pakistan Daily meets the emerging opinion formers, advertising executive turned politician Javed Jabbar – who hopes for a key role in the new government after elections later this year – and journalist Sabeen Jatoi, daughter of an assassinated politician. They regard the consequence of what happened on September 11th as a new beginning for their country. Now might be the moment to put their country back on track.

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