I Can’t Go To School Today

Jasper I Cant Go To School Today
I Can’t Go To School Today is a series of animated documentaries for BBC exploring the experiences of children living with different illnesses and conditions. Using the testimonies of six young people, we worked with animators to tell their story visually. Mosaic Films have a unique reputation for innovating the use of animation and documentary together.

Each of these films tells of the experiences of a young person whose life is markedly different from their peers, and who have all taken time off school because of their illness. We hear from ten-year-old Summer who has epilepsy, she describes how epilepsy effects her memory, often she can’t remember the joke she wanted to tell her friends. Despite missing school, Summer is ambitious and an avid writer. Naomi has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia and is now in remission. Naomi bravely tells us what it was like to find out she had cancer, when she lost all her hair and coming back after having so much time off. Jasper has cystic fibrosis and spends a lot of time in the morning clearing his lungs, he exercises to help manage his condition and has a very specific diet. Ben and Izzy are both anaphylactic, and have to be very careful about the food they eat as a reaction could be fatal. Finally, Melissa was born HIV positive. She tells us how the stigma surrounding the virus forces her to keep her status a secret. This affects both her relationships and how she thinks about herself.

The series is available on BBC Bitesize.

Animation Directors: Nandita Jain & Salvador Maldonado
Executive Producer: Andy Glynne

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