Five Bites

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This exciting initiative for emerging filmmakers was created and produced by DFG Films in partnership with Five News. FIVE BITES gave five filmmakers an opportunity to produce topical news films from a fresh perspective, using the documentary medium in innovative and inspiring ways, and were broadcast on Five News in summer 2006.

Executive Producer: Andy Glynne


Jim and the Truth Truck

Jim Dowson is a controversial anti-abortion campaigner. We join Jim and his colleagues in the pro life movement as they unveil their dramatic “Truth Truck” – bearing a graphic image of a 12 week aborted fetus – at Belfast City Hall. The film explores the reaction of the Belfast public. It finds out what makes Jim and his colleagues tick, and why they employ these shock tactics.

Director: Simon Aeppli

The Urban Rat Race 

The Urban Rat Race is a mental and physical adventure challenge that uses the cityscape as its playground. Teams of three have to run, climb, mountain bike, abseil and kayak the streets, structures, waterways and urban jungles as they navigate their way around a course that’s only revealed hours before they begin. We follow the Bristol rat race.

Director: Dan Edelstyn

A Masterclass in Saturday Night

3 young Afghani and Iraqi immigrants go on a course to learn the etiquette of the British Saturday night club scene; everything from dress and dance moves to getting past the bouncers and chatting up girls. We follow the lads as they put their learning into practice – but will they manage to pull some English girls?

Director: Max Fisher

Build Me A New School

We follow pupils and teachers at a Burnley school which is in the process of being demolished to make way for a shiny new City Academy, and find out what it means to them to be uprooted to temporary accommodation, and have their lives disrupted.

Director: Graham Kay

Should I Stay or Should I Go

The poignant story of two South African sisters at a crucial stage in their lives, deciding whether to stay or go back home. One of the sisters is allowed to stay in the country and the other isn’t. The latter, the older sister, was caught by recent immigration legislation for South Africa which was introduced with EU expansion and did not apply when her younger sibling came to the country.

Director: Caroline Gardiner

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