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A-Z of Religion

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26 x 2-3” films under the banner of A-Z of Religion & Beliefs for KS3 students for BBC Learning.

Did you know that in India cows can walk wherever they want? Or that Kosher rules out crabs?

This series gives a unique look into the history and traditions of religions in all their forms. Fully animated and designed, peppered with photo and illustration cut-outs; the film uses real world representations to not only centre the animation, but to bring a maturity to it that allows its appeal to span a range of ages. Carefully using humour where appropriate and sensitivity where it is needed, the result is a balanced educational piece, providing a brilliant source for the classroom.  

From Atheism to Zoroastrianism – we’ve got this covered!

Executive Producer: Andy Glynne
Producer: Anita Norfolk
Director of Animation: Nandita Jain

GCSE History: Medicine Through Time

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10 x 3-4’’ films for BBC Learning on GCSE History, Medicine Through Time.

Using cut-outs and motion graphics, this BBC learning series takes students back in time, bringing to life the artefacts that tell our medical history.

The archival primary and secondary sources seamlessly root you in the iconography at the time. Laden with this rich visual language, these films weave you through the murky meanders of the Medieval times, through the centuries, the gruesome horrors and bizarre practices that punctuated medical progress. Doing it all with a healthy dollop of humour. Just what the doctor ordered.

Executive Producer: Andy Glynne
Producer: Sara Archer
Director of Animation: Salvador Maldonado

Out of Thin Air

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In December 1976 six suspects confessed to the murders of Gudmundur Einarsson and Geirfinnur Einarsson. The incarceration of the suspects ended what had become a national crisis in a small country accustomed to a lack of criminal activity. The six suspects served prison terms, with one of them receiving the longest sentence in Icelandic history – life plus one year.

But in the next few months, Iceland’s state prosecutor will exonerate the six suspects of the crimes they confessed to over four decades ago. This unprecedented act is due to a formal acknowledgement that the suspects were suffering from “Memory Distrust Syndrome”
– an established psychological condition in which an individual doubts the accuracy of their memory concerning the content and context of events which they have experienced – often as a result of coercive interrogation techniques.

Due to a combination of lengthy … Read More »

The Lawyer and the Warlord

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A British defence lawyer and his war criminal client form an unusual partnership to try and bring peace to a small corner of a seemingly hopeless country, the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Is reconciliation ever possible between perpetrators of terrible crimes and their victims?

Barrister David Hooper thinks so and wants to help his client, the warlord Germain Katanga, make peace with the survivors of a massacre in a Congolese village where in 2003 his militiamen shot and hacked to death more than 100 people from another ethnic group.

That could happen this year. Germain is near the end of his 12-year sentence and later this month David will go back to the International Criminal Court to argue for his early release.

Director: Lisa Clifford
Executive Producer: Andy Glynne


Shattered Minds: Our Traumatic Wars

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Shattered Minds: Our Traumatic Wars

Mosaic Films are lead partner on a public engagement project about service-related mental health called Shattered Minds. At the heart of the project are a number of short animated documentaries narrated by Veterans – aimed at addressing the stereotypes, prejudice and misinformation surrounding War Trauma. Each film will be focussed on a different conflict over the past 100 years including the First World War, The Falklands and Iraq and Afghanistan. The key target audiences for the films are Veterans, their families, general health workers and service men and women – as well as the general public.

We are hopeful that these films will be a powerful tool in raising awareness around service, transition and mental health. Current partners include NHS Veterans’ Mental Health services, service charities and a UK-wide network of museums amongst many others.  Mosaic Films has a strong track record … Read More »

Autism’s very Musical Children

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An inspirational music teacher, Adam Ockelford, patiently and gently unlocks the potential of a number of severely autistic children, some with little or no speech. He coaxes them to greater and greater musical achievements by unraveling the chaos of sounds in their heads. His piano lessons bring order and a sense of achievement to their difficult and anxious lives. Over the course of a year he will set himself the huge challenge of preparing them for a public concert, which he feels will have an incredible impact on their self-esteem. This 1 x 60″ documentary will follow him and the children.

Romy (12) and Freddie (13), both profoundly autistic, had their lives completely changed thanks to Adam Ockelford. Both children have ‘Perfect pitch’, as many autistic children do. ‘Perfect pitch’ is the ability to play by ear. … Read More »

Children of Las Brisas

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Set in the sprawling suburbs of Valencia (Venezuela), The Children Of Las Brisas is a poetic and observational documentary capturing the struggle and transformation of a group of young musicians striving for a better life through classical music. This 1 x 90″/60″ film narrated by the children and their families and filmed over the course of five years, is an intimate portrait of the dedication, the risks and pitfalls of following a dream whilst being in the clutches of poverty.

In the late 70’s a small but influential group of musical thinkers started a programe that would become the international phenomenon known as El Sistema (The System).  The programe consists of rigorous musical training and gives children with no opportunities the chance to become musicians.

Venezuela has one of the highest inflation rates in the world. … Read More »

Nothing to Envy

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Nothing to Envy is a feature length animated film about life inside one of the most impenetrable and brutal regimes in the world. Told through the stories of defectors, this film will combine testimony with rich and vivid animation to provide an unprecedented insight into the lives of ordinary North Koreans.

North Korea remains the most inaccessible – and the most unfilmable – place in the world. A country that bans foreign journalists and restricts movement, it has hitherto been impossible to capture the reality of what has occurred here since the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea was established in 1948. Since that time reports have emerged of atrocious human rights abuses and widespread poverty and famine. It is a country that affords its citizens little in the way of pluralism and freedom of expression, with one … Read More »

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Mosaic Films is delighted to announce that I Can’t Go To School Today (BBC Learning, 2016) has been nominated for the BAFTA Children’s Awards...

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