Out of Thin Air

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Set within the stark Icelandic landscape, Out of Thin Air examines the 1976 police investigation into the disappearance  of two men in the early 1970s. Iceland in the 1970s  was a idyll; a farming community, pretty much cut off from the much of the rest of the world. Crime was rare, murder rarer still. Then two men disappear under suspicious circumstances and foul play is suspected. The country demands a resolution. Police launch the biggest criminal investigation Iceland has ever seen. Finally, six people confess to two violent murders and are sent to prison. It seems the nightmare is over. But in many ways the nightmare has just begun….


Director: Dylan Howitt
Producer: Andy Glynne
Co-Producer: Margrét Jónasdottir
Film Editor: Miikka Leskinen
Director of Photography: Bergsteinn Björgúlfsson
Music: Ólafur Arnalds
Development Producer: Anita Norfolk
Assistant Producer: Ant Adeane
Line Producer: Clare Lucas
Mosaic Films & Sagafilms Production for BBC Storyville, Netflix and RUV


“What makes Out of Thin Air … Read More »

Jamaica’s Silent Children

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Jamaica has one of the highest rates of child sex abuse in the world. In 2013 alone, over 2,000 cases of abuse against minors were recorded by the authorities, but experts say many more go unreported. Cultural acceptance of underage sex as the norm and a deep mistrust of the police appear to be inhibiting victims and their parents from coming forward.

We followed Jamaican activist Julie Mansfield, herself molested by her uncle as a child, as she traveled across the country to try and raise awareness and demand better protection for the nation’s children.

Executive Producer: Andy Glynne
Director: Lucy Chapman

Watch Jamaica’s Silent Children.

St Helena An End To Isolation

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‘Saint-Helena’, one of the most remote islands in the world, is about to lose it’s isolation due to the arrival of an international airport. Investors and the Government want to change the island into a tourist attraction; a contemporary ‘eco’ paradise far away from the busy life of cities. Over the course of three years this 1 x 80’/60′ film follows six islanders, who call themselves Saints, as they’re trying to make sense of the changes that are coming their way. A 23′ version of the film, broadcast on BBC Our World, is available to watch here.

The island, Great Britain’s second oldest remaining colony, was once an important trade post in the discovery of the modern world.  Today Saint-Helena lays lost and forgotten in the vast Atlantic ocean. Distanced from the mainland by five sailing days … Read More »

Tales From Around The World

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A series of 6 x 5′ animated films for BBC Learning, based on the most interesting and unusual folktales from around the world. The series includes a story about the origin of the night from Brazil, a story about a Punjabi King who allows himself to be fried and eaten for breakfast each day in return for an unlimited supply of gold and a story from Israel about the importance of personal choice and individuality. Other stories, as part of this series come from Iraq, Pakistan and Nigeria.

The films are aimed at Literacy students at Key Stage 1 and provide an engaging way to inform children about different countries, cultures and storytelling traditions. They also provide a great starting point for discussions and constitute an invaluable and versatile resource for further learning across the curriculum, including … Read More »

Matters of Life and Death

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The film explores the rights and wrongs of some of life’s biggest questions. Captured as beautiful and engaging short documentary portraits, these powerful and thought-provoking real-life stories present students with personal perspectives on important issues in religion, morality and ethics; based on major themes explored in Key Stage 4 Religious Studies and Ethics lessons.

From whether it is okay to have an abortion – through to thoughts on the death penalty and euthanasia, the film poses stimulating questions such as: , ‘Is assisted suicide murder or is it kind to relieve those that are suffering?’; ‘When does life begin?’; and ‘Is it ever right to start a war?’.

Students are encouraged to think critically and discuss the positions they personally occupy, relating them to their own beliefs and experiences. The film includes representatives of different faiths and religions … Read More »

What Makes Me Me?

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What Makes Me Me? And Other Interesting Questions is a humorous and engaging series of short films voiced by Robert Webb, exploring fundamental philosophical concepts through everyday questions that children ask, and adults often struggle to answer.

Using a combination of beautifully animated parables and live-action discussions with children, the series asks questions like, ‘What’s fair?’; ‘Why should I be good?’ and ‘What makes me, me?’. Aimed at children in Key Stage 2 (aged 7 – 11) and narrated by comedian Robert Webb, these films artfully lead children through practical, philosophical journeys where they are encouraged to think laterally and creatively.

The animations are adapted from stories from Jason Buckley (The Philosophy Man) and Peter Worley’s The If Machine, and explore concepts such as morality, identity, perception and equality, linking them to topics of study in the curriculum and also to themes and subject matter relevant to … Read More »

Winning Venezuela

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A film set during the final days before one of the most important presidential elections in Venezuela’s recent history: the re-election of Hugo Chavez.

While some are packing their suitcases others are loading their guns; some saying that they will leave the country if Chávez wins, while others say that a civil war will break out if Capriles wins. For the past 14 years Hugo Chávez has been in power in Venezuela. Spearheading a political vision of socialism and equality he has managed to divide Venezuelan society. His critics protest that he has created a fascist oligarchy petro-state, run by corrupt thugs: seemingly democratic, Chávez’s mission is to create Venezuela in the image of Cuba.

What is undisputable is that Venezuela is in crisis. Systemic violence, 150,000 murders during Chávez’s rule, political and institutional corruption, political intimidation, failing infrastructure, failing health and … Read More »

Seeking Refuge

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Seeking Refuge is a series of animated documentaries for BBC exploring the experiences of young refugees living in the UK. Using the testimonies of five young people we worked with animators to tell their story visually. Mosaic Films have a unique reputation for innovating the use of animation and documentary together. The films form a key part of Refugee Week in June 2012, and in schools across the UK.

Each of these films tells of the experiences of five young refugees and asylum seekers who are living in the UK. We hear from ten year old Ali from Afghanistan, who fled the country with his grandmother yet leaving behind his parents. Ali describes the pain of separation as well as his experiences adjusting to life in the UK. Ten year old Hamid from Eritrea had to flee his country and describes … Read More »

Undermining Justice

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Peru: Undermining Justice is a film about corporate greed, and the sophisticated ways multinational companies avert justice for Al Jazeera International as part of its People and Power strand.

Conflicts between mining companies and local communities have exploded across the world in recent times, as often remote societies are forced to accept mining projects they fear will destroy their environment and livelihoods. This is the story of one such mining company, and a group of local Peruvians who have tried everything to stop their livelihood being destroyed, with disastrous consequences.

The programme is available to view at

Executive Producer: Andy Glynne
Director: Michael Watts

Making Media: An Introduction

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Making Media: An Introduction is a series of Six short ‘how to’ films aimed at informing and enabling Media Studies students at Key Stage 4 and beyond to understand the techniques involved in producing various media.

Informative and inspiring, these films go behind the scenes on the creation of a short film, music video, film trailer and website to cover shooting styles, interview techniques, approaches to editing, and concepts of web design.

This programme focuses on the different forms most commonly produced for GCSE Media Studies, but can be enjoyed by media students at all ages and levels.

How To Make A Film
Learn to research, plan and shoot a film including key camera and storytelling techniques.

How To Shoot A Music Video
Creative tips for shooting a professional looking music video with basic equipment.

How To Conduct An Interview
Key skills for interviewing in media production, whether … Read More »

Dekay’s Guide to Estates

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In Dekay’s Guide to Estates, a young rapper with a passion for social architecture documents life for the residents of one of London’s inner city council estates via song. A unique musical documentary set within Maiden Lane estate, Camden, as part of Current TV’s Open Season.

As the voice of the estate, Dekay guides us around Maiden Lane, with each song introducing us to a new aspect of daily life for its Camden residents. Her songs weave together a series of vignettes in which each person has their own unique story to tell. The film addresses themes from isolation and neglect to community and regeneration, looking at the real consequences of the estate’s architectural design for the people who live there. This is an authentic glimpse into the culture of life on inner city estates, told through the eyes of the people who know … Read More »

Why Poverty: UK Shorts

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Why Poverty? UK Shorts is an eclectic series of short documentaries taking a fresh look at poverty in the UK. The issues covered include the vicious cycle of debt and poverty; the psychological impact of living in poverty; and the power of friendship and community to help people turn their lives around. The films are produced by Mosaic Films in partnership with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, BBC Storyville and the global Why Poverty? project by STEPS International. They were commissioned as the result of an open call for submissions, to find filmmakers who could produce an authentic portrayal of poverty in the UK. Around a hundred entries were submitted nationwide and were whittled down to six finalists, who then took part in a live pitch in front of a judging panel at 2010 Sheffield Doc/Fest.

Festivals: Sheffield Doc/Fest 2011

The Car’s Got To … Read More »

Life After Coma

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A series of documentaries exploring the lives of four people who’ve survived a coma but now live in various states of consciousness, made for Channel 4’s 3 Minute Wonder strand with unprecedented access to the survivors of comas and their families.

Shot with unprecedented access to hospitals and care centres around the UK, Life After Coma is a sensitive portrait that looks at the ongoing duty of care long after the initial, critical period is over.

Produced by Mosaic Films for Channel 4, the films were directed and filmed by Dr Barry J Gibb, a former neuroscientist and author of The Rough Guide to the Brain. He said, “Being conscious is something we take seriously for granted. In these films, each of the main characters became comatose after a serious incident, but all have managed to fight their way back to some … Read More »

Animated Minds

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Animated Minds is a series of short animated documentaries which use real testimonies of teenage experiences of mental distress, combined with engaging visuals, to climb inside the world of young people struggling with issues such as anxiety disorders, self-harm and depression, eating disorders and Asperger’s syndrome.

Find out more and watch the films at

Producer/Director: Andy Glynne
Animation Director: Katerina Athanasopoulou, Salvador Maldonado, Matthew Morgan, Billie Loebner

Winner, Secondary Learning, BAFTA Children’s Awards 2009
Winner, 14-19 Years, RTS Education Awards 2009
Winner, Young People’s Media, Mental Health Media Awards 2009
Winner, Best Animation, Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival 2009
Winner, Best Educational Film, Holland Animation Film Festival 2009


Becoming Invisible
Violent nightmares, suicidal wishes and an inability to live in your own skin. This film explores the dynamics that can drive young people to develop eating disorders beyond talk of the Size Zero culture and peer pressure. … Read More »

Britain Recut

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Mosaic Films, Channel 4 and the BFI joined forces to produce Britain Recut, a groundbreaking series of short films by four new filmmakers.

For the first time in its history, the BFI made historic documentary footage by the early pioneers of documentary available to the public to re-edit into their own short films, as part of an online competition which saw the four winning films screened on Channel 4, and entering the BFI National Archive.

The filmmakers were challenged to comment on an aspect of life in contemporary Britain by recutting public information films from the 1940’s and 50’s. The results range from the experience of refugees arriving in London, to how we have fun, rationing and working mothers, and display the creative potential of this archive. In turns playful and poignant, they ask how much life in Britain has changed since … Read More »

A Year in Tibet

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5 x 60-minute films for BBC4, in partnership with Seven Stones Media

For the first time, the BBC has been able to film inside Tibet unsupervised by Chinese authorities, to follow the lives of ordinary Tibetans across an extraordinary year. This unprecedented access gives a remarkable insight into the significance of Buddhism in everyday life and the complex and often surprising relationship between Tibetans and the Chinese immigrants who they live and work alongside.

The series is both an intimate observation of a society and a compelling insight into the impact of the Chinese Communist Party on Tibetans’ lives.

Visit for a playlist for the series.

Executive Producer: Adam Alexander and Jeremy Gibson
Producer: Peter Firstbrook
Director: (Location) Sun Shuyun


1/5 The Visit  In the first episode, the Panchen Lama, the highest-ranking Buddhist living in Tibet today, pays a sudden visit to the local monastery and throws the monks … Read More »

Made in India

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‘Made In India’ is the first in the innovative ‘Made In…’ Series produced by DFG Films and now by Mosaic Films. Eight short documentaries made by Indian filmmakers on the eve of the 60th anniversary of Indian Independence, give very personal perspectives on what independence means to them.

Series Producer: Andy Glynne


The Broken Land
A lyrical journey down the Jessore road that separates West Bengal from Bangladesh, which evokes memories of the upheaval and displacement that affected the director’s family at the time of independence and partition.

Director: Debalina Majumder

Body British, Heart Hindustani
The Ambassador car is a common sight on roads all across India, and has become a measure of something “truly Indian”, and yet it has a history that connects it to British Colonialism. It is an English design that has been adopted by Indians and adapted to the Indian roads. Body British, … Read More »

Five Bites

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This exciting initiative for emerging filmmakers was created and produced by DFG Films in partnership with Five News. FIVE BITES gave five filmmakers an opportunity to produce topical news films from a fresh perspective, using the documentary medium in innovative and inspiring ways, and were broadcast on Five News in summer 2006.

Executive Producer: Andy Glynne


Jim and the Truth Truck

Jim Dowson is a controversial anti-abortion campaigner. We join Jim and his colleagues in the pro life movement as they unveil their dramatic “Truth Truck” – bearing a graphic image of a 12 week aborted fetus – at Belfast City Hall. The film explores the reaction of the Belfast public. It finds out what makes Jim and his colleagues tick, and why they employ these shock tactics.

Director: Simon Aeppli

The Urban Rat Race 

The Urban Rat Race is a mental and physical adventure challenge … Read More »

Reel London 2006

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Reel London was an initiative for emerging documentary filmmakers, produced by DFG Films in partnership with Film London and ITV London. It offered filmmakers an opportunity to produce diverse and distinctive films using the documentary medium in new and innovative ways, and have them broadcast on terrestrial television, in a pre-watershed slot. The series was distinguished by strong story lines and thought provoking ideas, with richness and diversity in both content and portrayal that make absorbing half-hour documentaries. The documentaries were transmitted on ITV London in September 2006.

Series Producer: Andy Glynne

Holloway Hairdo

The largest women’s prison in Britain has a little oasis: its own beauty salon. The ladies of Holloway Prison come to Brenda’s salon to have their hair and nails done, and catch up on the gossip. Some are learning a trade so they won’t re-offend; others come for Brenda’s … Read More »

Mish Kids

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Channel 4, 2005

Mish Kids are unique. Having spent their childhoods and early adolescence abroad – wherever God called their parents to preach – most Missionaries are bi-lingual, love different cultures and feel at home overseas, even though they are foreigners. But when they are brought back home to Britain to finish their education, they don’t fit in at all. They may look like everyone else but their accents are different. They may now be ‘home’ but they don’t wear the right clothes or say the right things. Drugs, lawnmowers, Tube stations, Big Brother, Neighbours, getting drunk, and small talk are all part of what is a beguiling world for Mish Kids. As they wrestle with their convictions and struggle to find out where they belong, this series of short documentaries offers a fascinating glimpse into the strange no-man’s land that these … Read More »

To Courtney With Love

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Beckie Williamson is 15 and lives in Leeds with her parents and older sister. She became pregnant at 13 and had a daughter, Courtney. At 14, Beckie was diagnosed with cancer. Treatment was ineffective and the cancer spread to her vital organs. Now Beckie has just weeks to live. She and her sister Vicky set out to make a film for her daughter, Courtney, so that she will know her mother in years to come. ONE Life follows them on their emotional journey. This is Beckie’s film… for Courtney, with love.

Producer: Peter Firstbrook
Director: Mark Wilkinson


Winner, RTS Education Documentary Award 2005
Nomination, RTS Editing Factual Award 2005

BBC One, 2005

Reel London 2005

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Reel London was a new initiative for emerging documentary filmmakers, which highlighted the richness and diversity of voices present in London, whilst training and nurturing new talent through the production process. The concept is a partnership between DFG Films (which has since merged with Mosaic Films), Film London and ITV London. Each half-hour documentary was screened on prime-time television on ITV London.

ITV, 2005

Series Producer: Andy Glynne


Strictly Mitcham

Glamour is not the first thing that springs to mind, when most people think of Mitcham. However, in the heart of the London suburb, there is a colourful multi-million pound industry which has made Mitcham a familiar name across the globe: ballroom and latin dance dress-making!

Director: Ian Lynch

Grand Prix Priest 

The Grand Prix Priest is an intimate portrait of Father Neil Horan, the controversial Irish priest who ran across the racetrack at the 2003 British … Read More »

The Tube Series III

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This is the third, hugely successful documentary series about the London Underground network. It includes the two part mini series “The Tube – Under Attack”, which charts the devastating July 7th attacks on the London Underground and the events which followed.

ITV London and Sky Travel, 2005

Series Producer: Colin Luke
Directors: Tom Sheahan & Amir Jamal

Awards: ITV Silver Award for Documentary of the Year 2005


Under Attack 1
Under Attack 2
Special Operation
Losing It
Tickets Please
Off the Rails
The Train Set
Moving On (Old & New)

Games In Athens

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The huge cost, the massive disruption, and the political tensions surrounding the Olympic Games in Athens all threatened to overwhelm Greece and its capital. For the four years preceding the Games, skeptical director, Amalia Zepou, set out to ask, is it all worth it?

 BBC, ARTE, CBC, 2004

Executive Producer: Adam Alexander
Producer: Colin Luke
Director: Amalia Zepou

Blood Matters

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Channel 4/ National Blood Service, 2004

Four short, animated documentaries at the cutting edge of their form in their use of animation, documentary and new media, explore the eye-opening issue of blood donation. The series was produced as a slate of films for Channel 4’s The Slot, entitled Blood Matters, in association with The National Blood Service.

Series Producer: Andy Glynne

What’s Blood Got To Do With It?

An irreverent, Python-esque lightning-fast tour through the history of the uses and misuses of blood, mixing informative narrative, with humorous visuals. Narrated by the refreshingly absurd comedian Alexei Sayle.

Director: Andy Glynne
Animation Director: Jim Field
Narrator: Alexei Sayle

Leona. Alone.

This film chronicles the experiences of Leona, a black girl, born with Sickle Cell Disease. Now a teenager, she candidly describes the regular stream of hospital visits, sickle cell crises and blood transfusions that have become the fabric of her life.

Director: … Read More »

Pakistan Pictures

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This unique series observes post September 11th Pakistan, raising issues about the country that are both revealing and insightful.

A Mosaic Films Production/ ARTE, 2002

Pakistan Pictures is a unique series of observed documentaries exploring aspects of Pakistani life, which is surprising, insightful and revealing, with an extraordinary degree of access and intimacy. This series uses material from the original Pakistan Daily, following the stories and characters in greater detail, raising issues about Pakistan following the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center.

Executive Producer: Colin Luke
Producer: Melanie Anstey and Adam Alexander
Director: Ruhi Hamid


Power Dressing
Amber Shams, a young woman journalist working for the monthly magazine of a leading English language newspaper in Pakistan, is investigating a new cultural phenomenon. Well-off middle-class housewives, used to dressing in a more western style, are adopting the practice of wearing the hijab, the Muslim head-dress, traditionally … Read More »

The Tube Series II

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The second, award-winning series of The Tube follows London Underground drivers, station staff, and managers through the Underground system, revealing it to the public through their eyes.

ITV London, 2004

Executive Producer: Colin Luke
Series Producer: Lucy Willis
Director: Will Grove-White and Daniel Waring


Winner, RTS London Award for ‘Best Independent Producer’

Underground Crime

Mind the Gap
Jackie starts her new job as a station assistant at King’s Cross St Pancras Underground station. Meanwhile engineers are called out to work on a live track in a Central Line tunnel.

Under Pressure
A Circle Line driver has to cope with an attempted suicide.

The Ups and Downs
Will the east side of underground station Canary Wharf be ready in time for Ken Livingstone’s scheduled appointment to officially open it?

Open All Hours
Two weeks after the terrorist attack in Madrid, an unattended bag causes a station evacuation on the Piccadilly line.

All Change
Trainee driver Terence learns … Read More »

Pakistan Daily

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A series of ten documentaries which goes deep inside post September 11th Pakistan, revealing what many regarded as a new beginning for the country.

A Mosaic Films Production in association with Films of Record

BBC4, 2002

This series explores life inside Pakistan’s newspapers, following five individual cases that traverse the ever-changing landscape of post 9/11 Pakistan, and revealing what many regarded as a new beginning for the country.

Executive Producer: Roger Graef and Colin Luke
Producer: Melanie Anstey and Adam Alexander
Director: Ruhi Hamid

Amber and the Hijabis
Pakistan Daily follows Amber Shamsi, who works for The Herald, the colour monthly magazine of a leading English-language newspaper in Pakistan. She is investigating a new cultural phenomenon. Well off middle-class housewives, used to dressing in a more western style, are adopting the practice of wearing the hijab, the Muslim head-dress, traditionally worn by the poor and ill educated. Why … Read More »

The Thames Through Time

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For over 2,000 years, the Thames has dominated the lives of Londoners. This 6-part series brings the history of the river alive with stories which link the past with the present and shows how the capital’s river has shaped the lives of ordinary working people since Roman times.

Carlton, 2004

Series Producer: Peter Firstbrook
Director: Daniel Waring & Paul Henley


Workhorse of the Estuary
The crew of the Adieu are battling for line honours at this year’s Southend Sailing Barge match. Once thousands of these barges plied the Thames estuary, laden with cargo. Today, only 30 of these elegant sailing crafts survive, mainly as charter boats. As the race unfolds, enthusiasts and retired barge skippers alike tell the remarkable story of how, for more than a hundred years, the Thames sailing barge has kept London supplied with the essentials of life.

Boom and Bust in Docklands
For … Read More »


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This documentary series is an ambitious pan-European co-production, filmed in the 15 countries of the European Union and also in the USA, Iceland, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Albania, and Kosovo.

Using the well-known Mosaic Method a method developed across a number of major documentary productions, Mosaic Films worked with 45 filmmakers producing the material, which makes up the final twenty half hours. One filmmaker Yseult Digan, filmed a remarkable “double” – two half hour stories about French squatters in south London. The episodes are called Squatville and Loveville.

Other filmmakers have been involved in shooting a variety of fascinating subjects, from Wanderlust, in which we see German families buying up properties in Sweden and Portugal, to Greek and Pleasant Land, in which an Englishman tussles with his Greek neighbours over developing his land using EU grants. We go inside the EU … Read More »

Return to Wonderland

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Back in 1995 a team of Russian filmmakers armed with camcorders followed the lives of their fellow citizens for a BBC series called “Russian Wonderland”. Since then the country has fought a war in Chechnya and seen the economy go from boom to bust. Our filmmakers revisit some of the characters to see how they are coping now. They also bring us some new stories about everyday life in the largest country in the world; a country the Russians ironically and affectionately call “Wonderland”. The series really is exceptional in that it shows an intimacy with the various subjects that can only be achieved with our special technique of using native award winning talent. It reflects a country in chaos shown through the lives of ordinary people.

BBC 2, 1999

Producer: Helen Molchanoff
Director: Amanda Feldon


“You may recall the series, five years ago, … Read More »

The Tube: Series I

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A documentary series about the London Underground network, The Tube follows its drivers, station staff, and managers about their work, showing the Underground system to the public through their eyes.

Carlton, 2003

Executive Producer: Colin Luke
Series Producer: Lucy Willis
Director: Will Grove-White and Joyce Trozzo


Winner, RTS London Award for ‘Spirit of London’
Winner, RTS London Award for ‘Best Independent Producer’


The strikes and tensions of summer 2002.

24 Hours
London Bridge Station supervisor Brian Valentine has to work through the night while a team of engineers carry out essential maintenance work on the track, whilst computer technician Geoff Marshall sets off on his mission to break the world record for the fastest time to travel the entire underground network.

One Under
Train driver Karen Jordan returns to work following a three month break owing to trauma suffered when a man threw himself under her train. Meanwhile a suicide attempt … Read More »

Wicked Weekend

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Spend a fast and furious weekend with teenagers around Britain.

Channel 4,1999

Executive Producer: Colin Luke and Adam Alexander
Producer: Emma Read
Director: Emma Read

Adult Lives

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A major factual series for BBC2 that takes the temperature of contemporary adult relationships with 10 films giving an insightful slice of today’s Adult Lives.

Adult Lives explores the subject of sex through a series of personal narratives in which real people talk about the role that sex plays in their lives. Each contributor adds their own different perspective, drawing out the theme that sex has different meanings for everyone – and how it’s much more about what’s in the mind than what’s happening to the body. The programmes aim to provoke debate and enlightenment rather than sensation.

BBC 2, 1999

Executive Producer: Adam Alexander
Series Producer: Emma Read
Series Director: Colin Luke


“What does sex mean to people today? That was the question Mosaic Films tackled when the BBC asked them to produce Adult Lives, a series of thought provoking films discussing the place … Read More »

Unholy Land

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Marking the 50th Anniversary of the state of Israel, Unholy Land was shot in Israel and Palestine by Israeli and Palestinian filmmakers.

Channel 4, 1998

A series of films shot by Palestinian and Israeli filmmakers that take us into the lives of ordinary men and women who live in an extraordinary region of the world, Unholy Land was made using a unique production method pioneered by Colin Luke and Adam Alexander. Each filmmaker worked alone with just a small digital camera, following subjects closely and at length. Their rushes were then edited in London into separate films, of lengths ranging from 15 minutes to one hour. This approach, already employed to great effect in the BBC series Russian Wonderland (1995) and United Kingdom! (1997), combines the intimacy and vitality achieved by video diaries with the structure and rigour of the professional documentary … Read More »

Princess Diana: The Princess’s People

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A challenging and refreshing observation of a nation’s reaction to the dramatic death of Princess Diana, and the weekend of her funeral. The film tells the story from the point of view of the people; those who were there and those who watched it on television, those who cared and those who couldn’t care less. At times hilarious, often chilling, thought-provoking and unsentimental, it is an antidote to the media’s obsession with Diana. The film acquired huge national and international pre-publicity and did much to puncture the myth of a nation united by grief.

 BBC 2, 1998

Producer: Adam Alexander
Director: Colin Luke

Awards: Nomination, Best New Programme BROADCAST Awards


“If you believe the red top tabloids this documentary pisses all over our feelings for Diana. In fact it does exactly the opposite: it allows people to express how they felt this time last year, … Read More »

Think of England

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From the Henley Regatta to a chilly church fete and from Liverpool pubs to suburban gardens, Martin Parr travels through England asking what makes the English so English.

Further information on how to purchase this film is provided below.

BBC 2,1999

Producer: Colin Luke
Director/ Camera: Martin Parr

Order DVDs of Think of England:

You can order Think of England as part of the Martin Parr’s Moving Pictures DVD, which includes 12 short films by Martin Parr originally shown on BBC 2 as part of the acclaimed United Kingdom series.

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United Kingdom!

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The United Kingdom as seen through the eyes of its occupants, ranging from amateur to professional filmmakers.

United Kingdom was commissioned by Jeremy Gibson, Head of TV Features at BBC Bristol. Like Russian Wonderland, it was commissioned without a single story idea attached to the proposal.
The producers were charged with the responsibility to fill 410 minutes of airtime with a number of stories of lengths between 1 and 60 minutes, shot by filmmakers across the length and breadth of the United Kingdom. The production period of nearly eighteen months included a development period of six months. In that time Mosaic built up a database of more than 350 filmmakers ranging from recent graduates of media courses to experienced technicians looking to broaden their production expertise, and received more than 500 story ideas from filmmakers.

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Ivanov Goes to Moscow

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The Almeida Theatre Production of Anton Chekhov’s troubled play Ivanov, starring Ralph Fiennes, is performed in Moscow. This film follows the efforts of the production team to take a challenging play back to the city where it was first performed.

1 x 50 min for C4 ‘Arthouse’, 1997

Executive Producer: Colin Luke & Adam Alexander
Producer: Helen Molchanoff
Director: Geoff Dunlop

Awards: Nomination, Best Music and Arts 1998 Indie Awards

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