Belief In Dialogue

Belief in Dialogue - Mosaic Films (Large)

A series of six short films as part of the Open University and the British Council project Belief in Dialogue, which seeks to build global awareness and understanding between communities around issues of diversity and culture.

The series engages with issues such as; can religion and science ever be reconciled?; what does community mean in our increasingly transnational world? and what makes a society democratic?

Director: Dylan Howitt
Producer: Kerry McLeod

Coffee_001Coffee shops are a traditional place to meet, discuss and share ideas throughout the world. Due to the rise in internet cafes offering free wifi, modern coffee shops are welcoming a new generation through their doors. This film connects a group of devoted social media activists in a coffee shop in Britain with their peers in Amman, exploring their thoughts on their rights and responsibilities, and what it means to live in a democratic society.

75x42Garden_004The garden is often referred to in different religions as an important space, signifying harmony and oneness with God and nature. Drawing from the stories of several refugees that have experienced torture in their homelands and who meet once a week in a garden as part of a therapy group called Room2Heal, we hear how the garden is for them a place of sanctuary and healing.

75x42Moon_002This film explores the relationship between faith and science through the prism of the moon, an important symbol in many faiths around the world. Using meditative archive material of the night sky, we hear reflections on the wonder of the universe and what it can and cannot tell us, from three different perspectives; a Muslim scientist, an atheist astronomer, and a spiritualist writer.

75x42Shoes_004Shoes are a powerful symbol in many cultures, marking boundaries of purity and impurity, respect or insult. They can be particularly synonymous with protest, as people march through the streets, or throw shoes at political leaders, to show their dissatisfaction for the way things are. This film explores personal perspectives on protest, as we hear what drives four different women to protest and how they express their desire to see change.

75x42Street_005How well do we know the people who live on our street? How has urban living changed the way we shape our communities? This poetic film takes two streets: one in London, one in Amman, and explores these central questions through the residents of those streets. Building a tapestry of voice and image, the film offers us a fresh perspective on the role of the street in modern society.

75x42Water_002This film explores our relationship with water through weaving together testimonies with evocative imagery of the many different ways in which water is used. From its purifying significance in religion, to the everyday actions of washing and drinking, to the devastating problems caused when a country has too much or too little, this film draws on the precious role water has in our lives.

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