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Animated Minds is a series of short animated documentaries which use real testimonies of teenage experiences of mental distress, combined with engaging visuals, to climb inside the world of young people struggling with issues such as anxiety disorders, self-harm and depression, eating disorders and Asperger’s syndrome.

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Producer/Director: Andy Glynne
Animation Director: Katerina Athanasopoulou, Salvador Maldonado, Matthew Morgan, Billie Loebner

Winner, Secondary Learning, BAFTA Children’s Awards 2009
Winner, 14-19 Years, RTS Education Awards 2009
Winner, Young People’s Media, Mental Health Media Awards 2009
Winner, Best Animation, Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival 2009
Winner, Best Educational Film, Holland Animation Film Festival 2009


Becoming Invisible
Violent nightmares, suicidal wishes and an inability to live in your own skin. This film explores the dynamics that can drive young people to develop eating disorders beyond talk of the Size Zero culture and peer pressure. Nicole wanted to reduce her seize not to ‘look good’ or fit smaller clothes. Feeling alone and disconnected from everything and everyone around her, she became severely anorexic because she wanted to ‘occupy less space in the world’, become invisible and ultimately disappear.

Over and Over (and Over) Again
Discover how an everyday routine like leaving the house for school can become the worst nightmare for a teenage boy… Or how numbers can take over a young mind to the point of driving behaviour and influencing unwanted actions… With Danny’s testimony we gain a revelatory insight into the struggles of some teenagers suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder.

An Alien in the Playground
Josh never understood the games other children played. They didn’t make sense to him. He preferred walking all alone following the lines designed on playgrounds. He started to be seen as a ‘weird boy’ and became quickly a target for school bullies. Year after year while he was increasingly overwhelmed by school rules and sensory overload, the bullying got worse and school became like a living nightmare – or in Josh’s words ‘a full-blown phobia’. With Josh’s testimony we gain a precious insight into world of Asperger’s syndrome, discovering how some pupils can struggle at school and consequently suffer from profound emotional distress.

My Blood Is My Tears
Abbie, Lois and Nicole have burned themselves with everything from heated metal to cigarettes, stabbed needles into their skin, punched the wall and thrown themselves down the stairs… They were fighting against ‘feeling unreal’, against the inability to cry and express emotions, the urge to cut away ‘the monster inside themselves’. This film explores the impulses that cause some young people to self-harm and the relief that physical pain seemingly provides from the emotional pain they suffer.

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